February 11, 2022

Statue of Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Lourdes

Devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes runs deep in the hearts of the faithful as a sign of God’s care and healing. The mediation of Mary, his mother, is a real consolation to those who suffer any ill.
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Archbishops’ friendly Super Bowl wager will benefit Catholic schools

Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles and Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr of Cincinnati are rooting for their home team in Super Bowl LVI, but they also have placed a friendly wager on the outcome of the Feb. 13 showdown ...
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I’m Praying for You

“You’re in my thoughts and prayers.” “I’ll be praying for you.” How many times have we heard people say those words or said them ourselves? We often say them as a way to bring comfort to someone in need when there is ...
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Mary’s Messenger

It is striking to me that in all Marian apparitions, the people Our Lady chooses to appear to are often children—simple and humble.
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The Super Bowl and Human Trafficking

Some 100 million Americans will tune in to this weekend's Super Bowl, but few will consider the crimes lurking on its periphery.
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