January 5, 2022

Sunday Soundbite for January 9, 2022

The signs accompanying the events of Jesus’ baptism ought to tip us off that something important is happening here. The heavens opening, the voice of the Father commending his “beloved Son” to us, and the presence of the Holy Spirit, all point to a moment of revelation.

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Stained Glass window of Saint John Neumann

Saint John Neumann

Saint John Neumann was the first member of his community, the Redemptorists, to profess vows in the United States. He did missionary work in Maryland, Virginia, and Ohio, and became the bishop of Philadelphia. Noted for his humility and organizational skills, he helped form the Church in the New World.

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Omicron response: Some Catholic colleges, universities online a few weeks

In response to the current spike in COVID-19 cases across the United States due to the omicron variant, many colleges and universities have changed plans for the spring semester.

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Faith and Family for January 9: Baptism of the Lord

This week we celebrate the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist, who foretold of Christ’s coming, telling the people that “one mightier than I is coming.”

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A Testament to God’s Majesty

“But ask the beasts, and they will teach you; the birds of the heavens, and they will tell you. . . . Who among all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this?” (Job 12:7–9)

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