January 21, 2021

Second Catholic president causes some to celebrate, gives others anxiety

Joe Biden became the second Catholic to be inaugurated as president of the United States Jan. 20, giving some U.S. Catholics and their religious leaders a reason to rejoice and others to fear more access to abortion under his leadership.
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Faith and Family for January 24: Fishers of Men

In this week's Gospel, Jesus encounters some local fisherman and tells them that, if they follow him, they will become "fishers of men."
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Fed Up?

With God’s help, we can become more patient and accepting of frustrating situations. The next time you feel your patience running out, envision the Stations of the Cross.
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Coping with Change

The word change normally refers to new beginnings. But transformation, the mystery we’re examining, more often happens not when something new begins, but when something old falls apart.
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