May 16, 2020

At Home on the Farm: One Family’s Spiritual Quest

Kyle and Cyndi Kramer live with their three small childrenÑ8-year-old twins Eva and Clare and 5-year-old EliÑin a home Kyle built largely by himself. They use solar power, a cistern and firewood they harvest from their woods. The Kramers grind their own grains, buying them in bulk.

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A Deacon’s Journey through Islam

Becoming a Roman Catholic deacon led me into IslamÑnot by embracing Islam itself, but by embracing it as a sign of the Other whom the deacon has come to serve. The path has been so full of surprises that I can truly say, “God writes straight with crooked lines. “

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Painting of Saint Margaret of Cortona

Saint Margaret of Cortona

Saint Margaret of Cortona’s life story certainly had its ups and downs. Having run away from her stepmother after her mother’s death, she lived with a man and bore him a son.

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Priests ‘Walk for the Poor’ to raise money, pray for all hit by virus

As four priests of the Archdiocese of Washington started out on a three-day, 54-mile “Walk for the Poor,” they wanted those suffering from the impact of the coronavirus to know they are not alone, that Jesus is with them.

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