Sharing the Word for May 13, 2020

Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Easter

May 13, 2020
Daily Reading from the USCCB: John 15:1-8

Jesus continues to encourage His disciples. If they remain close to Him, they will bring forth life and fruitfulness like the branches of a healthy grapevine. Granted there will be times of purging and pruning–times of removing dead branches. But this makes for a more healthy, more fruitful vine. If we stay attached to the vine we will have life, and bring forth the abundant fruit that the Father has in mind for Jesus’ disciples.

How do we stay connected with the vine? Through participation in Jesus’ sacraments, especially the Eucharist, through frequent and attentive prayer, through reflection on God’s word in Scripture, through love and care for our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

In our fruitfulness the Father is glorified.

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