Poor Clares

Woman with ashes on her melon | Lent with St. Clare

Lent with St. Clare: Ash Wednesday

Today is the start of our Lenten journey. On our foreheads we wear ashes, a sign that we are made of dust and to dust we shall return. Such an outward sign conveys a message that words do not.
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Saint Clare surrounded by her sisters

Loving St. Clare of Assisi

Within each of us is the potential to be a light focusing attention on God’s presence in our world. Clare of Assisi’s life reveals just how much light she shed.
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Window outside the Basilica of St. Clare of Assisi

Words of Wisdom from St. Clare of Assisi

Through her writings, St. Clare offers us a guide to a stronger faith life.
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Saint Francis is helped by an angel

The Brief Life of St. Francis

The man who longed to be a knight, a man of war, dies a man of peace, at peace with God, with himself, and with all of creation.
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St. Clare of Assisi

Let Us Pray: St. Clare’s Prayerful Life

The privilege of poverty, as much as I can embrace it, is an outer simplification. Advancing age reveals it to me, but Clare shows me how to maximize its revelations.
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Saint Clare of Assisi and her sisters

St. Clare: Light of Assisi

When this beloved saint died, the Church lost a luminary. But her legacy shines brightly to this day.
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