Poor Clares

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Love and Triumph

As Bonaventure writes, God is “totally submerged in the waters from the sole of the foot to the top of the head…. [God] appeared to you as your beloved cut through with wound upon wound in order to heal you.”
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man standing on earth looking into heaven

Heaven and Earth

The first Franciscans believed that God was in the world, actively shaping human experience, and inspiring birds’ songs and wolves’ howls.
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Fresco of Saint Clare of Assisi

St. Clare: Bright Light

What does Clare teach us about following Jesus? She teaches us to follow Francis, who followed Jesus so perfectly.
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Wooden Cross designed by Franciscan Media

Francis and Clare: Where the Tradition Begins

The genius of their spirituality was their recognition that the Gospels could and should be lived by every person.
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St. Clare of Assisi is depicted in a modern painting by Stephen B Whatley, an expressionist artist based in London. During a Lenten service, St. Clare heard St. Francis preach. She was so moved by his words, she asked him to show her how to live the Gospel more fully. She was only 18, but she left the security of her home, cut off her hair and joined the convent. (CNS/Stephen B Whatley)

Honoring St. Clare of Assisi

The daughter of a noble family, Clare was known for her deep spirituality and love for the poor. Her heart was attracted to the radical way of life preached by St. Francis.
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St. Clare of Assisi

St. Clare of Assisi: A Path of Her Own

Francis’ vision was to walk in the way of the Lord. Clare followed in the footsteps of her friend but also forged her own path to holiness.
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