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Lent with St. Clare: Second Sunday

Cross and a crown of thorns

“Therefore, let us be very careful that, if we have set out on the path of the Lord, we do not at any time turn away from it through our own fault and ignorance.” —The Testament of St. Clare

Most of us will never be canonized as saints. We are flawed individuals trying to live a life worthy of Christ’s sacrifice. That does not mean, however, that we are not called to do our very best to follow “the path of the Lord,” as St. Clare said. We are going to turn away from the Lord at times. The most important thing, though, is that we get back on the path. For that, we are blessed to have the sacrament of reconciliation. This Lent would be a good time to take advantage of that gift.

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Many people find the emphasis on miracles in the lives of saints to be a vestige of another era. These stories belong, we feel, in a medieval society that was easily astonished and too quickly convinced of divine interventions. Our view is that if something cannot be explained empirically, it is thought to be a bit much—if not a total fantasy. Yet, as we enter deeply into Clare’s life, we find the miraculous recounted and we cannot ignore it. Most of these instances were recorded with the sworn testimony of eyewitnesses. The investigation prior to her canonization was conducted with clear legal protocols.

The document of this investigation has been called simply, “The Process.” In it we read the firsthand accounts of sisters who lived with her and citizens in Assisi who knew her and her family. This record gives us the official sources for her story as distinct from those tales that depended upon folklore and oral transmission. What does “The Process” tell us? —from Light of Assisi: The Story of Saint Clare

lent with saint clare


St. Clare, thank you for your
words of wisdom and the reminder for us
to stay on the path of the Lord.
Be with us as we travel it.


9 thoughts on “Lent with St. Clare: Second Sunday”

  1. You lost me from the first sentence: “Most of us will never be canonized as saints. We are flawed individuals trying to live a life worthy of Christ’s sacrifice.” All of the saints were also flawed. It’s really all we can be. This is an example of the use of shaming to attempt to make us better. Shaming can only drive us away from God.

    On miracles, what is the difference whether the miracle was physical, or in the minds of people? The main thing is the event changed hearts toward seeing ourselves as basically good, adopted children of God, pointed us toward the quest for finding our True Self, and emptying ourselves of the self centered, small self. In dying to self we are born to eternal life. If it helps us with this, it is a miracle.

  2. love the saint anthonys messenger mag i have been receiving it for many years and find the articles informatinve and interesting

  3. “We just need to show up and get the work done.”
    WOW!!!! Each one of us has the potential to be a saint !

    For isn’t it said that the harvest is abundant , but the laborers are few?

    It is showing up with the right mindset , not letting other well intentioned sheep lead us astray, not following the way of the goats (even those deemed Greatest of all Time, especially those because it seems most have as their religion whatever they are deemed “greatest” at doing)

    We seem a little weak already if we cannot take the truth of the matter at hand without taking it personally. It is true most of us will NOT be canonized saints, but I am certain there are a few saints that were missed by the church too. Why? because each saints life must be scrutinized and go through a “process” . That also depends upon people like you or me who must be willing to subject ourselves to investigation,especially medical investigations. I’m certain miracles have been bestowed upon individuals who quietly accepted them , maybe prayed in Thanksgiving; but didn’t want to be placed under a microscope while the miracle was investigated by the Catholic church.
    Each one of us can testify to going to work ,doing our very best,and never being recognized for it. We do it because we have a wonderful work ethic instilled within us. And when we get tired of not being recognized or advancing ,most of us simply move onto a new company to find similar work where we can be appreciated. I admire the St. Clare as she formed the foundation for other women and stayed put to simply do the work! God Bless St. Clare and all saints who work and pray without ceasing! I am sure I have met a few , but didn’t recognize them as saints.
    Many blessings to all who read and share here!????????????

  4. Backsliding is when we go back to our sinful ways. It like the message in the Bible that talks about the sower and the seeds. I strongly believed that we are not all called to be Saints. That’s for my G-d to do. G-d will never leave us alone. But we should live our life like the Saints. Trusting in G-d alone. G-d set apart someone Saints- for his purpose. As such they -Saints- are here to spiritually give and mentor us. Just look at the life of St Clear. Does it not inspires us to honor G-d.
    As scripture said G-d alone is Holy. But remember regardless of Saul shortcoming King David always acknowledged Saul as the Lord anointed .
    G-d Bless.

    1. Amen, AMEN! and Alleluia!
      Each one of us has the Holy Spirit living deep within, we should “live our life like saints”
      Thank you for sharing your perspective RL=)

  5. Thank you ,St. Margret , for sharing this insight of Clare and the holiness of all our mundane activities.

  6. It only matters if you want to be an intercessory saint with prayers.directed through you as compatible
    with your intercessory function according to you charism. For ordinary every day saints, holiness and
    the pursuit of perfection is our cross and way to perfection so that our souls can enter heaven through
    the narrow gate with purification and sanctification through prayer, sacraments and a gradual honing
    by the grace of Jesus Christ through the Blessed Virgin Mary. That is the process of everyday saints.
    Do not be discouraged as purification is a lifetime process leading to perfection and being led by
    the Catholic Church and Jesus Christ and his sacraments. The hope is our transformation to a saint
    by the Eucharistic Species replacing everything in you which is not Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin
    Mary and St. Joseph. Pray without ceasing for your transfiguration. Amen

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