March 5, 2023

barista working at coffeeshop

I’m Fine, Just as I Am.

Reflect It’s harder to show compassion if we disconnect from our own wisdom and experience, perhaps rejecting some part of ourselves we think shameful. The key to loving another is the ability to love all of ourselves, being flawed but ...
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Don’t Be Afraid

Reflect “I recently saw a poster that read, ‘Worry is the misuse of the imagination.’ Things seldom happen as we expect. Most of our fears turn out to be our imaginings. The difficulties we anticipated become very simple in reality. ...
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man sits on a mountain | Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash

Ordinary and Extraordinary

The transfiguration was an extraordinary moment. Such moments don’t happen very often. But when they do, they change everything.
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Sunday Soundbite for March 5, 2023

Second Sunday in Lent Cycle AMarch 5, 2023 One of the most dramatic scenes in Catholic liturgy comes at the Easter Vigil when adults are baptized. They come up out of the water dripping wet, and after leaving to change, ...
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Cross and a crown of thorns

Lent with St. Clare: Second Sunday

Most of us will never be canonized as saints. We are flawed individuals trying to live a life worthy of Christ’s sacrifice. That does not mean, however, that we are not called to do our very best to follow “the ...
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