Three musical artists

Music: Three Artists to Watch in 2024

Culture critic Daniel Imwalle reviews work from Samara Joy, Sarah Jarosz, and Declan McKenna.
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Cover image of Paul Simon's album

Paul Simon: Seven Psalms

For an artist whose career spans over 60 years, Paul Simon has released a surprising album, even for those well-versed in his musical output.
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Photo by Suzy Hazelwood: photo/black-audio-tapes-in-close-up-view

Let Us Pray: Music As Prayer

Music takes me back, holds me in the moment, and inspires hope for the future—all at once.
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Cropped view of orchestra musicians

God’s Divine Orchestra

Reflect “All the parts of the body, though many, are one body.”—1 Corinthians 12:12I do enjoy watching an orchestra—whether live on stage, peeking into an orchestra pit, or on TV. Sometimes, I can see a few individual faces—a violinist pouring ...
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Sheet music

Music is Prayer

Music was always around during my childhood. From hymns sung at Mass to my parents’ cassette tape collection of early rock and roll hits to piano lessons, there was no shortage of access to music for my four older brothers ...
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Person playing the violin

The Power of Music

Chances are, if you come to our house or ride in the car with me or my family, you are going to hear music. And along with that music will come singing and, sometimes, dancing.  At home, we mostly keep ...
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