Pause + Pray

Moved by Music

woman making music by playing the violin


I had intended to briefly excuse myself from my desk. More than time out, I was rescued from the malaise that had overtaken me when I happened upon an a cappella choir rehearsing gospel hymns. As I stepped inside my university’s chapel, the lyrics washed over me: “Hush, hush, somebody’s callin’ my name. . . . Oh, my Lord, what shall I do?” In that moment, my troubled mood dissolved, replaced by music, by prayer, by peace.


Creative One,
I praise you for the wonders you have given us in the human body,
especially the intricacy of the human voice.
No instrument built by humans can match the miracle
of a voice in song harmonizing with others of many timbres.


Take a break from work or chores to bask in a favorite song, one from church or from your favorite musical. If you are bold enough, sing along, adding your “instrument”—even if it’s not in perfect pitch—to those of seasoned musicians.

Pause+Pray by Elizabeth Bookser Barkley

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