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Forgiven and Free

God knows our flaws and loves us in spite of them. We are not irredeemable.
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Mercy and Mourning

Reflect “They shall look on him whom they have pierced, and mourn as if for an only son.” When we read these words from Zechariah 12:10, our thoughts may immediately turn to the Jesus’ passion and crucifixion. But if we ...
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Mistaken, but Still Loved

Reflect “Some of the most faithful people in our society are the men and women who learn from their mistakes and thus grow in virtue. We all make mistakes and plenty of them; so did the saints. We can take ...
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In a Crisis, Reach for God

It's normal—and healthy, in fact—to ask where God is in a crisis. 
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Forgiveness Heals a Wounded Heart

Reconciliation requires that we establish, or reestablish, some type of relationship between the two persons. This is never easy.
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Franciscan Inspirations: We Are Children of God

We are here because of our unique history. And change, no matter how remote, alters everything. If our parents had not come together, we would not be.
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