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Embodied Souls

Once we realize that Jesus came to save the entire human person and not just the soul, so much of the worry, stress, and burdens we heap upon ourselves dissipate.
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Father carrying child

God Is Close to Us

Be at peace by living in the now. Only when we see the future as a positive reality does it become possible to live well in the present moment.
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The Mystical Heart

True mysticism allows us to fish from a different side of the boat, and with a different expectation of what success might mean.
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Statue of Jesus with outstretched arm | Photo by the blowup on Unsplash

Christ Lives Within

There is nothing wrong with asking for something in prayer, as this names for God the desires of our hearts.
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People hugging | Photo by Gui França on Unsplash

Love. Now.

Jesus commanded us to love; so we know love is not just a feeling, since we cannot command feelings.
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blind man reading

Spiritually Blind Since Birth

Imagine the blind man when Jesus cured him, clearly viewing the world for the first time. Imagine the wonder of seeing the sparkling sun after you had only felt it on your skin before; or of seeing your parents’ loving ...
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