Minute Meditations

The Mystical Heart

fisherman on a boat

True mysticism allows us to fish from a different side of the boat, and with a different expectation of what success might mean, all the while totally assured that we are already floating on a big, deep, and life-filled pond. The mystical heart knows that there is a fellow Fisherman nearby who is always available for good advice.

He is standing and beckoning from the shores and at the edges of every ordinary life (John 21:5), every unreligious moment, every “secular” occupation, and he is still talking to working men and women who, like the first disciples, were not important, influential, especially “holy,” trained in theology, or even educated. This is the mystical doorway for all.

—from the book Eager to Love: The Alternative Way of Francis of Assisi
by Richard Rohr

Eager to Love by Richard Rohr

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