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Spiritually Blind Since Birth

blind man reading


Imagine the blind man when Jesus cured him, clearly viewing the world for the first time. Imagine the wonder of seeing the sparkling sun after you had only felt it on your skin before; or of seeing your parents’ loving faces or the remarkable colors in the garden.


Please help me see clearly, too.
I want to see other people with eyes of love and mercy.
I want to see my sins with eyes of clarity and sorrow.
I want to see the earth with eyes of reverence and respect.
Yes, Jesus, help me see.


Today, concentrate on one of the gifts of the senses God has bestowed on you. If it’s vision, notice the colors as they change throughout the day, the expressions on the faces around you, and the landscapes you pass. If it’s another sense, try to notice everyday things, but with a new awareness of God’s presence.

Colleen Arnold, MD

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