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Rising Sounds All Around

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The cacophony of the world and my own noisy mind can sometimes make me feel like I’m spinning out of control—in a constant state of reaction. I’ve found that ushering stillness, inviting silence, and opening my senses to receiving the sounds of the day—whether it is a song on the radio or being present with the sounds of creation—can help me to “open the ears of my heart” and become re-centered, reminded that all around God is singing a song for me to receive.


May this prayer usher stillness.
May these words invite silence. 
May silence open my senses to hear with the ears of my heart 
the music of the world, the soundscape of the soul,
all rising up to be received as divine vestiges of grace:
reminders and remnants of the one through whom 
love and goodness flows.


In moments of your day where you begin to feel mentally or emotionally frantic, consider pausing and listening to the sounds around you, even if these are everyday sounds like traffic, birds in the treetop, or laughter in the stairwell of your apartment. Invite awareness for the unique song God may be singing to you in that moment.

Stephen Copeland

2 thoughts on “Rising Sounds All Around”

  1. A wonderful reflection! Thank you!

    How do I sign up to receive these in my in box every day? I am also interested in all the other daily offerings.

    Thank you and God bless you!

  2. I particularly needed to read the minute meditation today. I am a friend of an person who was sexually abused by a priest. I try my best not to be angry with how the situation was handled. This meditation helped immensely. I would like to receive these meditations to my personal email account

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