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Praising God

Why is praise such an important part of prayer? Again and again in Scripture, we are told of the need to praise God–but why? Do you think God needs our praise? Or is something else going on?
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Offering a Simple Thank You

What does expressing gratitude really mean? What is something in your daily life that you take for granted but that is actually a blessing from God?
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Models of Gratitude

A truly grateful person overlooks the negatives to focus on the world’s abundant delights. People want to be around them, to become as thankful as they are.
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Being Truly Thankful

Has "thanks" become just another word that we say over and over without really putting into any thought into it?
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father and son laughing together.

Joys and Challenges of Family

Family relationships can be the most joyful ones we have—but they can also be the most strained.
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Let’s Thank God a Little More

We all like to hear “thank you” from time to time. Maybe we should thank God a little more often.
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