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Let’s Thank God a Little More

We all like to hear “thank you” from time to time. Maybe we should thank God a little more often.
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The Bright Side

Reflect All too often we focus on the negative things and get caught up in everything that we think is going wrong in our lives. What we fail to realize, though, is that we have so much for which we ...
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Tree surrounded by morning fog

Mindful, Prayerful, Grateful

Reflect In the hustle of daily life, how often do you take a pause to appreciate the now? How present are you in this moment? Let this prayer be a reminder to thank God for the gift of peace in ...
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Notes from a Friar: A Spirit of Gratitude

Faith provides us with powerful reasons to be grateful.
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Man holding a sign that says grateful

Notes from a Friar: 10 Ways to Be Thankful

We have much for which to be thankful! Here are 10 ways to show it every day.
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Let Us Pray: Grace & Gratitude

Every once in a while, God shows us how to be his child.
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