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I Only Need You, Lord

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“The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I lack.” How often have we heard, said, or sung these words from Psalm 23? But do we truly believe them? Do our life choices reflect that belief?


The world we live in persuades us that we need more.
A small black coffee isn’t enough; we need a Grande Macchiato.
Why buy small fries when a large one is only pennies more?
We don’t just have Netflix; we need Hulu and Peacock too.
No matter what “it” is, we are convinced we need more of it.
Lord, teach me to be satisfied with you alone.
Teach me to ignore the world’s ongoing insistence that I need more than I have.
All I need is you.


Cut back this week. Don’t supersize your meals or get the “extra-large” of anything. Try to be satisfied with less and remind yourself that God is the only one you need more of.

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