Franciscan Saints

Children of God, Heirs of Heaven

Jesus Christ in such a way that we share in his very own life. In baptism we receive the sanctifying grace that gives us a heavenly life.
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man praying

Higher Calling

Not everyone is called to be a professed Franciscan. But everyone is called to be Franciscan.
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Dying to Self

Padre Pio’s letter to Raffaelina Cerase, 1914: Baptism is said to be a copy of the death of Jesus. St. Paul says we are baptized “into his death” [Romans 6:3], in imitation of the death of our Redeemer. What the ...
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man quietly suffering

Suffering in Service to God

Take comfort because your suffering is in God’s will. If human nature is resentful of suffering and resists it.
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Saint Francis and brothers meet Sultan Malik al-Kamil' in this artist's rendering

Meeting Sultan Malik al-Kamil: St. Francis in a Foreign Land

The deep friendship and rich dialogue between St. Francis of Assisi and Sultan Malik al-Kamil centuries ago can inform interfaith dialogue in our own times.
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woman praying

Saints Be Praised!

The saints and blesseds are special signs of God’s activity.
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