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One Nation Under God

A walk along the Tijuana-San Diego border opens this pilgrim’s eyes to the plight of refugees.
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Sustaining a Joyous Easter Feeling

That joyous Easter feeling should last all year, this friar says.
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A homeless woman holds a container bearing a sign reading "Please Help Me" as she begs for money on a street in Sydney Oct. 28, 2016. In a pre-election statement, Australian bishops did not endorse an political platform, but said voters should consider candidates who might prioritize people who need palliative care, those in low-paying and insecure jobs, First Nations peoples, asylum-seekers and refugees. (CNS photo/David Gray, Reuters)

Notes from a Friar: Loving the ‘Least of Us’

Moving is disorienting, no matter how often a person has done it.
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Center for Action and Contemplation in New Mexico

Center for Action and Contemplation 

Founded by Franciscan Richard Rohr, this center helps people unpack the tradition of Christian contemplation and put it into action. 
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Father Al Hirt, OFM

Al Hirt, OFM

When Father Al Hirt, OFM, was a child growing up in Batesville, Indiana, the Franciscan friars who ran St. Louis Church seemed omnipresent in the small Midwestern town.
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Crèches from around the Globe 

Brother Tim Sucher, OFM, has loved Nativity scenes since he was a small child. Now he has amassed a collection of over 100 crèches from all over the world.
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