Franciscan Friars

American Indians in a procession

Sacred Places, Sacred People: Franciscans and Native Americans

Conventual Franciscan Friar Charles McCarthy sees his ministry with Native Americans in the Southwest as one of accompaniment and respect. 
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7 Key Moments in the Life of St. Francis

These events in St. Francis’ life brought him closer to Christ.
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Dear Reader: Following St. Francis

The offices of Franciscan Media are nestled in the heart of a neighborhood called Over-the-Rhine (OTR to locals), one of the most iconic—some might say notorious—neighborhoods in Cincinnati.
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Followers of St. Francis: Emmet Murphy, OFM

The plan was for Emmet Murphy, OFM, to spend a few weeks in Arizona, but then COVID-19 hit. There would be no going back to New Jersey. Border work became his lifestyle, and Arizona became his home.
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9/11 at 20: A Tale of Two Friars

Two Franciscans look back on their experiences of that day and its ongoing impact on their lives.
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Faith in Focus: Images of God’s Creation

Inspired by Franciscan spirituality, a friar and photographer in Mexico trains his camera on the world around him.
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