Sharing the Word for September 27, 2022

Memorial of Saint Vincent de Paul

September 27, 2022
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Luke 9:51-56

Jesus says no to calling down fire and brimstone when the apostles want to punish the inhospitable Samaritans. First, it’s not in accord with Jesus’ gospel of love and forgiveness. Moreover, its implicit finality makes it appropriate for God alone.

But the finality of seeking annihilation for those who are hostile is precisely what makes it attractive to us. “No more trouble need be expected from that quarter.” But God isn’t that way. God is patient, longsuffering, forgiving. And he expects us to be the same.

No matter how great the temptation to call down fire from heaven–or issue the stinging retort, or terminate an association, or turn off individuals or groups–we need to be careful to imitate Jesus and not the apostles.

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