Sharing the Word for June 10, 2023

Saturday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

June 10, 2023
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Mark 12:38-44

Jesus retains the initiative in the conversation with the religious leaders. The point he now makes is one of fundamental spiritual significance.

It’s not important to be important Jesus says. The scribes in their leadership positions set great store by the attention they got from the way they dressed and the reverential way they were treated and where they sat at the dining table. But it doesn’t do them any good. The widow on the other hand is socially insignificant. Nobody pays much attention to her. Yet by her expression of total dependence on God she stands higher in the sight of God than all the big givers. Jesus says that that’s more important than anything else.

Am I important? How? Why? For what?

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