Pause + Pray

What’s Your Price?


We all betray Jesus for a price. For Judas, it was 30 pieces of silver. For Peter, it was the fear of being recognized as a disciple after Jesus’ arrest. Amy tells white lies to preserve her reputation as an efficient office manager. Michael fudges on his taxes. Lisa always asks, “What’s in it for me?” before responding to any request. Tom never hesitates to indulge his desires for pleasure. We typically betray Jesus for the sake of our ego-obsessions with self-concern, self-image, self-gratification, and self-preservation.


Lord Jesus, as I prepare to commemorate the final days of your earthly life,
I pause to ponder how I have betrayed you with the obsessions of my ego.

Give me the awareness that you take my weaknesses to Calvary.
Grace me with the knowledge of your forgiveness.
Grant me the grace to faithfully follow you anew.


Ponder the question, “For what price do I betray Jesus?” Whatever your answer is, give it up to God and ask for guidance to the path of righteousness.

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