April 14, 2022

Dear Reader: God’s Grandeur

I admire those who see the world differently than I do. It's a gift that all visual artists have—and it's something I've envied my entire life.
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Statue of Blessed Peter Gonzalez

Blessed Peter Gonzalez

Blessed Peter Gonzalez had a bad experience while riding a horse that changed the course of his life. He became a Dominican, was ordained a priest, and worked in the court of King Ferdinand III.
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Praying for victims, police, bishop says shooting shook all ‘to our core’

In his homily at the evening chrism Mass April 12, Brooklyn Bishop Robert J. Brennan spoke of the subway shooting that occurred early in the day, saying: "We were shaken to our core this morning, right here in the borough ...
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What’s Your Price?

We all betray Jesus for a price. For Judas, it was 30 pieces of silver. For Peter, it was the fear of being recognized as a disciple.
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Lent with Padre Pio: Holy Thursday

Though he did not eat very much, Padre Pio found great nourishment in receiving the Eucharist, just as we should.
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