Pause + Pray

God Loves Us in Our Bodies


Even as we may wrestle with the realities of living in a human body—illness, aging, disability, declining health—we also have the opportunity to embrace our bodies as a means of experiencing God in the material world.


Incarnational God, through your humanity and through your sacraments
you remind me that the physical realm is holy.
So despite the discomforts of my human body
I accept it as a gift from you, to encounter you daily
in a way so deeply personal; 
in my steps and in my arms,
in being touched and in being hugged.
Thank you for this body I am in,
given to me as a gift through which to experience
the limitless love that is yours.


Take a specific action today that can serve as a physical prayer. You might take a hike, stretch your body, or hold a pet, as you are able. In that moment allow yourself to feel loved by God through your body.

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