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Universal Mother

silhouette of mary statue


None of us would be here without mothers. And there is no better mother or role model than Mary, whose love for us knows no language or physical barrier. Think for a moment how lucky we are to have Mary as our universal mother.


Loving God,
of all the women in the world
to raise your son,
you chose Mary,
quiet, timid, but a titan of faith.
Though filled with fear, she nevertheless
said yes to your command.
And that singular act of love and bravery
made redemption possible for the rest of us.
May I emulate that kind of bravery and bold faith
in smaller ways.
May I look into the face of the unknown
and mirror that kind of loving obedience.
Thank you for Mary and all mothers who
give when they have so little and show
total love in the face of doubt.


Mothers are our unsung heroes. Share this prayer with a mother who feels unappreciated or neglected. Remind them that God channeled such immense love through the courage and grit of one woman.

Universal Mother

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