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Repairing the World

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Francis of Assisi heard God’s call to “repair the church” while praying at the Chapel of San Damiano. He soon discovered that God intended him to go beyond repairing individual churches to repair the Church as a totality. Today, God’s call is to go beyond the Church to repair the world by responding to injustice, poverty, and climate change. Like Francis, each of us can begin the process of healing the world by responding to the needs of others right where we are.


God of all creation,
Expand my vision to embrace all creation.
Help me to discover that small changes can change the world.
And that as I seek to love others,
I am your partner in healing the world.


What one action can you do in your immediate environment to heal the world? How can you bring beauty and love to those around you? How can you become God’s healing partner in your everyday tasks and political involvement? Let us become attentive to God’s calls in our lives, following the path of Francis of Assisi.

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2 thoughts on “Repairing the World”

  1. I am inspired to point out how misguided concern and actions related to the politics of climate change are destroying the the world we inhabit. It would be much more productive to focus on fighting crime and political corruption.

  2. Lord Jesus Christ, you have chosen us to be your disciple. Take and use what we can offer, however meager it may seem, for the greater glory of your Name. Amen.

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