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Everyday Miracles

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Have you ever stopped to ask yourself: What miracle have I already experienced today? Where has God revealed his grace and love in my life today? Perhaps you are reading this, first thing in the morning, and you haven’t even had your coffee yet. Perhaps it is late at night, and all you want is to crawl in bed and drop off to sleep. Regardless, take a moment, and give thanks. Somewhere in your day already, no matter what time it is, you have been given a miracle. Open your eyes, open your heart, let it in.


In the desert, when your people were dying of thirst,
you had Moses strike the rock and bring forth flowing springs of water.
How often has my own heart become hard like a rock?
And how many times has it been opened not by logic or reason
but by a flowing stream of tears? 
Sometimes the miracle we are looking for 
is happening right before our eyes—or flowing from them. 
Lord, open my eyes to see the truth and grace
of your love transfiguring the world around me.


Make time today to sit in a quiet place and ponder for five minutes the miracles you have experienced this day. Was there a moment when abundance inexplicably replaced need? Did you catch a glimpse of the sunrise glowing in the tops of some distant trees, heard a bird singing, or did a friend sent you a text? Try to think of something that left you feeling renewed; perhaps it was something as simple as a tear that opened your heart like a flowing spring. Now ask yourself: How and where was the Holy Spirit present in that gift?

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