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Loving the Big Bad Wolf


Hearing that a wolf was terrorizing the town of Gubbio, Francis of Assisi reached out to the wolf, befriending it and reconciling it with the townsfolk, who agreed to feed the animal. Even the most difficult of people need our love. While we may not be as successful in taming the wild beasts in others as Francis was, we can still see them as God’s beloved children with the same basic needs as ourselves.


God of power and love, help me see your presence
in the wild beasts that trouble me.
Give me courage to reach out, and love to respond.
Help me share your love in ways that bring healing
and promote justice.

To bring your realm to earth as it is in heaven.


As you listen to the news, remind yourself to see the holiness in those you are tempted to fear or hate. Pray for those from whom you feel alienated, and seek justice for those who may be harmed by the behaviors of others.

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