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Future Grief

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Most of us have felt the very real sting of grief and the lingering ache of mourning after losing a loved one. But have you ever felt creeping dread of losing someone who is still with us? I know I have. Our faith reminds us, though, we will never really be apart because God makes everything whole, even—or perhaps especially—in the darkest of times.


God of everlasting life,
I fear the loss of my friends and loved ones.
It’s more difficult for me to fathom than my own mortality.
But I look up, I look around,
and if my heart and mind are open,
I’ll recognize your presence here, there, everywhere,
across and beyond time and space.
Your constant presence in the people I love and care for
cannot be extinguished by death.
And so no matter where they go,
I must trust that you will carry them with you,
and we will meet again.


One of the best ways to break the cycle of dreading the loss of our friends and family is to spend time with them and be truly present. Even if just for a few seconds, close your eyes when you’re in the company of loved ones and relish the opportunity to spend this time with them.

Daniel Imwalle

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