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Siblings, Siblings

two brothers


“Do not gloat over the day of your brother, the day of his disaster.”—Obadiah 12a

It’s kind of tricky. If we have a falling out with a sibling, it’s tempting to gloat or rejoice over any subsequent debacles their life. Of course, this doesn’t help anything. Instead, pray for your sibling. It’s quite plausible that his or her time of despair is actually a time of growth—let him or her grow. Let your prayers help your sibling. Your heart will feel lighter.


Oh Prophet Obadiah,
Help me to listen to your words and not get smirky
when an estranged sibling or friend goes through a time of trial.
Let compassion and prayer take over my heart.
Help me to want what’s best for them, despite any past hurts.


The memorial of Obadiah is November 19—just days before Thanksgiving. Maybe November 19 could also be a good day to ask Obadiah to help you with any family relationships that are hurting, as a way to help relationships find a peaceful common ground on Thanksgiving.

Theresa Doyle-Nelson

1 thought on “Siblings, Siblings”

  1. Lord Jesus Christ, your love never fails and your mercies abound. You offer us the best of gifts – peace, pardon and everlasting friendship with you at your banquet table. Fill us with gratitude for your great mercy and kindness towards us. And may we never fail to show kindness and mercy towards all we meet so that they may know the mercy and goodness you offer them as well. Amen.

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