Pause + Pray

Forces of Liberation


St. Oscar Romero was known for his striking homilies that were broadcasted on the radio in El Salvador. He was killed for the messages that he promulgated, but his words still ring true today, reminding us to be a people of God who seek liberation for all.


God of liberation, we turn to you during moments of pain and oppression
seeking your Spirit to guide us and provide for us spaces
of restoration and healing, s
paces of reconciliation and reparation,
spaces where those who live at the margins are empowered
as our brothers and sisters in Christ.

God of liberation, may we become forces of liberation ourselves.
May the gospel move us
o stand in solidarity with the marginalized
and to share the liberation of the resurrection story with all people.


Ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate for you how you can be a force of liberation in your community, and stand in solidarity with those who are at the margins.

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