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Lent with St. Clare: Second Saturday

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“Clare was a vessel of humility, a shrine of chastity, a flame of love, the essence of kindness, the strength of patience, the bond of peace, and the source of loving unity in her community.” —Document of Canonization

St. Clare of Assisi probably would have been uncomfortable hearing such accolades. Clare wanted only to follow and serve Christ. She chose to do so in a quiet and humble way, along with her sisters. It was not the way of others, including Francis and his brothers, but it was her way. The fact that all these years later, we still recognize her as a model for how to determinedly live out one’s faith would probably have been puzzling to her. She shows us that, no matter how we choose to live out our faith, we must do so with all our heart and soul.

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Many a modern reader will find it difficult—if not impossible—to imagine living under such restrictions of the early Poor Clares. That said, it is important to take Clare at her word here as in other matters. Nowhere does she register objection to having enclosure or cloister observed at San Damiano. What is clear is that she described its obligations in her own style and made prudent allowances for common sense and necessity. That unique voice would not remain confined to her monastery.

Other women asked for her guidance and sought formal identification with San Damiano. Not mistaking the papal Order of San Damiano for the original Franciscan sisterhood of Clare, these women formed a small circle of adherence to poverty and room for the accompaniment of the friars. The circle, however, was destined to be enlarged and empowered by the emergence of one of the most remarkable of Clare’s soul sisters, Agnes of Prague. —from Light of Assisi: The Story of Saint Clare

lent with saint clare


St. Clare,
May you continue to inspire us,
through your example and inspiration,
to live out our faith in the way we are being called.


9 thoughts on “Lent with St. Clare: Second Saturday”

  1. I think people today have a more positive approach to the Season of Lent. When we were children it was all about giving certain things up during Lent, but although there might have been some hardship in that initially one adapted very quickly.
    Today however, I truly believe that more people are trying to DO something positive during Lent.When you you think about this, isn’t that what Jesus had been asking us to do on earth using the parables as examples of how we should treat our neighbour. I believe we should aim to do this all year around and not just during Lent.

    1. Joseph-Bernard Snyder

      Alice, You are absolutely correct. Even Pope Francis has sent a message on how we need to fast from unkind words and feast on being kind, and charitable….among other things, fast from being impatient, fast from gossip, fast from watching to much television, fast from social media….in doing these types of things one is then transformed and changed through observing Lent

  2. Anastasia Doward

    Thanks for this Lent with St Clare, I am learning how to live in joy, harmony & simplicity. I have always enjoyed working in the church helping where I am needed. But I feel the pull to do more but in a different way. I just retired as a volunteer secretary at my church but I am still involved in ministry. But I feel the need to spend more time in prayer. Thank you????????

  3. I gave up sacrifice for lent a long time ago. What I moved to was giving to Christ a love gift in return for the love He gives always to me. It made a world of difference .

  4. Let’s truly surrender ourselves to the Holy Spirit this Lental season. G-d will full us with so much more just because we say yes to Him- Blessed be His Holy Name. Remember Luke 15 ,1-3 11-32.
    G- d Bless.

  5. Time for interior improvement. Make me a better Husband, Father, Grandpa
    and Friend. Alert to the needs of others and more Spiritual in daily Life.
    Lent is a great time to take stock of our relationship with. God and Man.

  6. My sacrifices during lent are offered up as intentions for others…they are never waisted are simply about me. Many times I have heard people say” its an obligation this lenten sacrifice and if I get healthier and develop a new habit of fasting and lose a few pounds then that s fine with me.”
    Well that is not enough….Christ didn’t go through all he did so you could learn to live without your soda and lose a few pounds. He did all this as a sacrifice for you ,me, for the world! W need to unite ourselves with the true reason of Christs Passion and Death!
    The people I have given the quote from, they are supposedly practicing Catholics. People attending my parish,sometimes people in my own family(cousins , aunts, uncles)! Speaking up and sharing our faith this Lent and the reason behind our lenten sacrifices and offerings may be the example and wake up call others need.

    In a way we are all St. Clare…we may not be living in a cloistered community , but how far out of our way do we go voluntarily?
    Do we not see the same people each day? Do we not travel the same roads repeatedly to get from work to home or home to church? Even if the path varies it isn’t by much. Do we take Christ ,Jesus , with us when we go on that business trip or vacation during Lent? Or do we vacation away from Jesus Christ during this 40 day Liturgical season of lent when we go on vacation or a business trip? Lots to ponder right? Many people posted pictures of themselves on social media proudly displaying their ashes, our churches were filled to capacity with every Mass or service on Ash Wednesday, that was all well great fine and good! But what about 2 or 3 weeks into lent ? Where are these devotees now? And do we make a sacrifice to offer up to bring them back or encourage them to walk this lenten journey with us?
    Let us consider today taking on the role of St. Clare and doing the best we can to bring Christ to those within our circle of friends ,family , and co-workers. For that is our cloistered community …a little more territory than St. Clare may have had to praise,worship, and work within,but none the less still our own cloistered community.

  7. What strikes me is that Clare lived this way out of love, because she wanted to. It was not “duty” or “obligation” or ‘responsibility”. She didn’t “have to” or “need to”. It was her pleasure. She did it for love. If we are truly in love there is no need to force our own hand. It’s freely given.

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