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A High-stakes Game

NOTHING MAKES YOU MORE AWARE of your own social privilege than being a White woman raising a Black teenage son. As such, I’ve learned a thing or two about the way the world works. It’s a high-stakes game; one with ...
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School children in church

Catholic School or Not?

Long before my husband, Mark, and I had kids, we had discussions about whether we wanted to send them to Catholic or public school.
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Protest about climate change

The Reality of Climate Anxiety

There is a wide range of definitions for climate anxiety. The one thing that all of the reports and articles agree upon, though, is that it’s real, and it’s not going away anytime soon. 
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Book on the back of a church pew

Faith and Family for August 7: Faithful Servants

This week's Gospel is about preparedness and having our priorities straight.
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Old wood barn in a green field with flowers

Faith and Family for July 31: Parable of the Rich Fool

This week's Gospel tells the story of the rich man who continues to grown both his harvest and the barns in which he stores it. Jesus reminds him, though, that it could all be lost at any time.
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Praying hands resting on a church pew

Faith and Family for July 24: The Lord's Prayer

In this week's Gospel, Jesus teaches the disciples how to pray, and provides us with the words for the "Our Father."
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Graphic to stop bullying

Stop the Bullying

In the past year, I have heard story after story—in the news, from friends and families and even at my own dinner table—about kids being bullied. It’s rampant. It’s everywhere. As we’ve unfortunately witnessed time and time again, it can ...
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