Faith and Family

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A High-stakes Game

NOTHING MAKES YOU MORE AWARE of your own social privilege than being a White woman raising a Black teenage son. As such, I’ve learned a thing or two about the way the world works. It’s a high-stakes game; one with ...
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My Kitchen Is Hallowed Ground

Recently, after a long day of cooking, I took to my Facebook page and posted the following message: “In all my travels, I have been to my fair share of holy sites—St. Peter’s in Rome, the monastery of St. Clare, ...
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Words Can Make a Difference

I TALK TO MYSELF. I think we all do a little bit, at least in our heads. I don’t think it’s weird; it feels necessary. When I started my clothing business, I began recording myself on my laptop’s webcam anytime ...
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The Power of Words

At the bottom of my bed is a chest filled with memories that I have collected over the years. There are cards from loved ones, notes from my husband, Mark, and special gifts from my kids, among other things. At ...
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Keeping Our Kids Safe

This past July, as I watched the horrifying events at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, play out, I was once again horrified, heartbroken, and outraged. No child, no parent deserves to ever have to endure such a situation. 
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Three kids smiling at Texas Sacred Heart Catholic School

School in the Age of COVID-19 and Gun Violence

SHORTLY AFTER MOST PARENTS breathed a collective sigh of relief due to the waning concerns of COVID-19 and the numerous challenges it caused with schooling for nearly two years, they were faced with another frightening situation. Every parent’s worst nightmare ...
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A teacher and students at a Catholic school

Making Peace with ALICE

Ask some 55 million K–12 students what they associate with “Alice,” and you will likely hear “ALICE Training.” This program introduces a protocol that might help students survive the breaching of their school by an armed attacker. The acronym stands ...
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