Faith and Family

Image of a boy smiling

A High-Stakes Game

NOTHING MAKES YOU MORE AWARE of your own social privilege than being a White woman raising a Black teenage son. As such, I’ve learned a thing or two about the way the world works. It’s a high-stakes game; one with ...
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A Racial Reality Check

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a middle-aged, White woman who lives in a predominantly White area. I am privileged in ways that I probably don’t even comprehend. As a mom, I have never had to have “the talk” with my son ...
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Sheet music

Music is Prayer

Music was always around during my childhood. From hymns sung at Mass to my parents’ cassette tape collection of early rock and roll hits to piano lessons, there was no shortage of access to music for my four older brothers ...
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Group of students walking in school hall

A Teenage Take on Stereotypes

When I was asked to write something about stereotypes, I wondered what I would have to say. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that teenagers know a lot about stereotypes. Not only are we often ...
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Person playing the violin

The Power of Music

Chances are, if you come to our house or ride in the car with me or my family, you are going to hear music. And along with that music will come singing and, sometimes, dancing.  At home, we mostly keep ...
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Mound of peaches

We Pay It Forward

It was a huge bag of peaches that took two kids to carry. I thanked them for their thoughtfulness, reflecting to myself, Who brings fruit from their backyard to the previous owners of their house?  “It’s our pleasure, María! You ...
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People drawing a heart in flour

My Kitchen Is Hallowed Ground

Recently, after a long day of cooking, I took to my Facebook page and posted the following message: “In all my travels, I have been to my fair share of holy sites—St. Peter’s in Rome, the monastery of St. Clare, ...
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