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Faith and Family

A New Take on 'Silent Night'

Nov 30, 2020 Faith and Family
I often find myself rolling my eyes a bit whenever I hear the Christmas song “Silent Night” during this time of year. You see, silent nights have been very few and far between in our house for the past 21 years—ever since we brought our oldest daughter, Maddie, home from the hospital.

Faith and Family for November 29: First Sunday of Advent

Nov 25, 2020 Faith and Family
This week we begin our journey into the season of Advent. In the Gospel, Jesus tells the disciples to be alert for they know not when the Lord will come.

A Tale of Chronic Anxiety

Nov 24, 2020 Faith and Family
I have been writing this column for 19 years, and I have covered a lot of topics and chronicled many of the aspects of my and my family’s lives. But one topic I have not addressed head-on—or at least as strongly as I could—has been mental health.

'I See You'

Nov 24, 2020 Faith and Family
Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to gift-giving I have two rules, the most important of which is this: no gift cards. My second rule has to do with what I see as the redundancy of getting a greeting card and a gift, but that’s not what I want to talk about here. That first rule is especially important to me at Christmastime.

The Comfort of Predictability

Nov 18, 2020 Faith and Family
If there is anything I have learned as a parent, it is that the only thing you can be certain about is that your life with your kids will be filled with uncertainty.

Faith and Family for November 22: Judgment of the Nations

Nov 15, 2020 Faith and Family
When the Son of Man comes, this week's Gospel tells us, the nations will be separated based on what they did to help those in need.

Faith and Family for November 15: Parable of Talents

Nov 11, 2020 Faith and Family
This week's Gospel reading is about the parable of the talents, in which the servant who buried his talent is admonished, while the one who shared his is praised.

Faith and Family for November 8: Parable of the Ten Virgins

Nov 4, 2020 Faith and Family
This week's Gospel story recounts Jesus telling the disciples that the Kingdom of Heaven is like 10 virgins going out to meet their bridegrooms.

What My Dad Taught Me about Voting

Nov 3, 2020 Faith and Family
Before I lost my dad this past summer, every time I would step off the elevator at the nursing home to head to his room I would hear the familiar sound of his television blaring one of the many news programs he watched consistently.