A Father and Mother carrying their kids by a lake
Faith and Family

Faith and Family for October 24: The Blind Bartimaeus

Oct 20, 2021 Faith and Family
In this week's Gospel for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary time, we hear the story of Bartimeaus, a blind man, who has his sight restored by Jesus.

Roads Less Traveled

Oct 15, 2021 Faith and Family
“Where are you taking us?” This is a refrain often heard on our family vacations from both the kids in the back of the van and even sometimes me from the front seat.

Faith and Family for October 17: Ambition of James and John

Oct 13, 2021 Faith and Family
In this week's Gospel, James and John ask to be seated beside Jesus in his Glory, only to be reminded that they are called to be servants for others.

A Different Generational Perspective

Oct 11, 2021 Faith and Family
I’ve lived in two centuries, four decades, and two millennia, and I’m only 22 years old. Having been born in the year 1999 has made my life full of interesting assumptions.

Stepping Outside my Comfort Zone

Oct 11, 2021 Faith and Family
Travel has played a pivotal role in my life, opening my eyes to both the beauties and challenges in the world and bursting the bubble of my comfort zone.

Faith and Family for October 10: Entering the Kingdom of God

Oct 6, 2021 Faith and Family
In this week's Gospel, Jesus reminds the disciples of the commandments and then tells them that those who have a wealth of possessions will have a difficult time entering heaven.

Welcome to My Family

Oct 4, 2021 Faith and Family
I wish you could meet my family. Our children—and their spouses and children—enrich my life and my husband’s life in countless ways. 

The Art of Listening

Oct 1, 2021 Faith and Family
When we say the word family, it can mean so many things. Our faith teaches us that the human family—that is to say, every single human being on planet Earth—makes up the body of Christ and has inherent dignity.

Bridging the Generation Gap

Sep 29, 2021 Faith and Family
Boomers and Zoomers each have something important to offer our world. We should take advantage of it.