July 14, 2022

Pope names three women to office that helps him choose bishops

Ten days after saying he would name two women to the group that helps him choose bishops, Pope Francis appointed three women to the office.

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Stop the Bullying

In the past year, I have heard story after story—in the news, from friends and families and even at my own dinner table—about kids being bullied. It’s rampant. It’s everywhere. As we’ve unfortunately witnessed time and time again, it can be deadly.

And it needs to stop.

I know, I know. Bullying has gone on for years. I’m sure most of us can recount a story of it from our youth. There are even debates as to whether the media are jumping on the stories of suicides brought on by bullying and overblowing the concept of kids being “bullied to death.”

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Seeing the Invisible

There are people in our midst and around the world who for the most part, go unseen. As a society and as individuals, we’re almost programmed to be blind to these human beings–many of whom live on the margins. May we lift up these “others” in our world through prayer.

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At Play in the Fields of the Lord

We can experience God in a most fundamental way—through the example of a child at play.

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