June 23, 2022

Drawing of Saint John Fisher

Saint John Fisher

Saint John Fisher’s name is usually associated with Saint Thomas More and their difficulty with King Henry VIII. A bishop and cardinal, John Fisher refused to agree with Henry’s divorce and remarriage, as well as the idea that the king, rather than the pope, was the head of the Church in England. He was imprisoned and eventually martyred.

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Strength can be found in frailty of old age, pope says

Elderly Christians are called to bear witness to the strength that comes from God, especially when moments of frailty and weakness make them dependent on others, Pope Francis said.

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Is Anybody Listening?

There are seasons in our life where we feel absolute loneliness–feeling unheard by both God and those in our lives. When we feel ourselves in this space may we turn to the one who never leaves us, because he, too, knows the pain of feeling unheard.

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