February 2, 2022

Sunday Soundbite for February 6, 2022

The fact of our baptism means that we have a vocation--a call--that’s just as certain as our Biblical heroes today.
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Stained Glass window of Presentation of the Lord

Presentation of the Lord

Being an observant Jewish couple, it stands to reason that Mary and Joseph went to the Temple for Mary's purification—as prescribed by Mosaic Law—40 days after Jesus' birth. The blessing of candles and the procession of light were added to ...
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Pakistani Christians mourn after gun attack on two ministers kills one

The daylight attack by motorcycle-riding gunmen on two Church of Pakistan ministers, killing one and wounding another, has reignited fears among Pakistan's beleaguered minority community.
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Faith and Family for February 6: Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time

In this week's Gospel, Jesus fills the nets of Peter and his fellow fisherman until they are overflowing. He then tells them that going forward they will be fishers of men.
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A Humble Offering of Turtledoves

When Mary and Joseph presented Jesus in the Temple, they brought a small offering of turtledoves. This humble offering was one that poorer families could afford to bring with them. The Holy Family brought the little they had when consecrating ...
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