January 11, 2022

Saint Andrew and Blessed George Haydock Church

Blessed William Carter

Born in London, Blessed William Carter was a printer who got in trouble for printing Catholic material during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Eventually brought to trial, he was convicted and hanged, drawn, and quartered on January 11, 1584.

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Pope, cardinal offer condolences to victims of Bronx fire that killed 17

Pope Francis issued condolences to families of those killed in a Jan. 9 apartment building blaze in the Bronx that killed 17 people, including eight children.

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Seeking Calm in the Storm

Recently, we’ve been surrounded by so many unsettling experiences. It’s hard not to be weighed down with anxiety and fear. Those are the times when we need to turn to God for comfort.

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Never Waste a Good Crisis

It’s no wonder that many of our institutions are failing us, for they were largely built on sand: wrong assumptions about human beings, the nature of reality, and what makes for a good and fulfilling life.

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What God Wants

One younger friend told me about a life crossroads, which felt weighted by conundrum. I asked, “So what’s next?”

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