December 23, 2021

State of Saint John of Kanty

Saint John of Kanty

Saint John of Kanty was a beloved priest in Kraków, Poland, where he taught Scripture. A simple, humble man, John was often taken advantage of, but maintained his generous attitude to those in need. He died on Christmas Eve in ...
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Day Twenty Six: A Catholic Family Advent

The family connection is a strong one. And it is a blessing. As my oldest daughter, Maddie, said to her brother, Alex, once: "You have to love me, I'm your sister. You have no choice."
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Courage in Challenging Times

Whether or not we realize it, everyone we know is struggling with some type of burden in his or her life. It takes courage to face down those challenges.
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The Gifts of Advent Day 26: Our Hopes and Dreams

We might be struggling right now to see God’s plan unfolding, whether in our own lives or those of our children. But Christmas is the beginning of the ultimate happy ending.
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Hold onto the Wonder

If you don’t have special times in your life that are liminal, that put the ordinary into eclipse, then you are condemned to a dull life of facts and predictability.
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