August 20, 2021

Catholic college president describes ‘difficult times’ in native Haiti

Harry Dumay, president of the College of Our Lady of the Elms in Chicopee and a native of Haiti, said everyone throughout his homeland is "devastated by what happened to their brothers and sisters in the south of Haiti," hit ...
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Be Still

Do any of us really know how to be still anymore? We have tools in our faith, such as the rosary and prayers, that can help us at least slow down a bit or perhaps even sit still.
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In Praise of the Color Green

Despite the reported fragility of our earth, we still see grass in the cracks of sidewalks and evergreens with their perennial promise.
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Let’s Create a Better World

As I imagine a flourishing world, I picture one in which we are all able to become our truest, best, most Christlike selves.
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