July 14, 2021

Sunday Soundbite for July 18, 2021

Today’s Gospel invites us into a desert wilderness with Jesus as our shepherd and guide. Along with his disciples we’re invited to “come and rest.”
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Minnesota gymnast headed to Olympics relies on hard work, trust in God

CHAMPLIN, Minn. (CNS) -- The Twin City Twisters in Champlin is the home gym of Grace McCallum, a member of the 2018 World Championship U.S. gymnastics team. A large banner hangs over the facility's main entrance honoring that accomplishment. But ...
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Faith and Family for July 18: The Return of the Twelve

In this week's Gospel, Jesus tells the disciples to go and rest after they return from their journey of spreading the Gospel message to others.
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Loving Our Earthly Home

We all grow up as members of a particular family. Each family has a unique culture that shapes and forms those who are a part of it.
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