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Sunday Soundbite for January 24, 2021

Jan 20, 2021 Sunday Soundbites
Scripture scholars see the story of Jonah as a kind of folk tale—short on history but long on spiritual truth: God calls each of us.

Sunday Soundbite for January 17, 2021

Jan 13, 2021 Sunday Soundbites
Today’s Gospel depicts the effectiveness of word of mouth in spreading the news about Jesus. What might we tell others about Jesus? How has he changed our lives?

Sunday Soundbite for January 10, 2021

Jan 6, 2021 Sunday Soundbites
As the liturgical season of Christmas ends today, we begin to reflect on a weekly basis on what it means to live the Good News that Jesus Christ has been revealed as Son of God.

Sunday Soundbite for January 1, 2021

Jan 1, 2021 Sunday Soundbites
Mary's prominent place in the Gospel story leads us to believe that from its earliest days the Church recognized how Mary continued to glorify God in all she did.

Sunday Soundbite for January 3, 2021

Dec 30, 2020 Sunday Soundbites
Whatever the historical facts behind today's Gospel story, the message of faith is that God is reaching out to us, communicating to us the Word Made Flesh.

Sunday Soundbite for December 25, 2020

Dec 24, 2020 Sunday Soundbites
Our Christmas giving is meant to symbolize God’s generosity to us.  As we give our gifts--large or small--let’s be grateful that the Father gave us the greatest gift of all.

Sunday Soundbite for December 27, 2020

Dec 23, 2020 Sunday Soundbites
Mary and Joseph are models for us of patient expectation and openness to God. Today’s Gospel might suggest that we do the same.

Sunday Soundbite for December 20, 2020

Dec 16, 2020 Sunday Soundbites
We twenty-first century Christians are so often caught up in our contemporary reality, that we can forget that God has intervened in our history.

Sunday Soundbite for December 13, 2020

Dec 9, 2020 Sunday Soundbites
With the Holy Spirit’s help we can take a message of joy and hope in Jesus Christ to a world that needs to hear it.

Sunday Soundbite for December 6, 2020

Dec 2, 2020 Sunday Soundbites
Today’s Advent readings find us listening to hope-filled messages with an emphasis on the ones who brings the message: Isaiah; Zion; and John the Baptist.