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Sunday Soundbite for March 6, 2022

Mar 2, 2022 Sunday Soundbites
As we hear of the Lord’s temptations in the desert, let’s let this very human portrait of Jesus remind us of how we’re called to respond in times of temptation: To depend upon God’s grace and allow it to support and sustain us.

Sunday Soundbite for February 27, 2022

Feb 23, 2022 Sunday Soundbites
Be creative in what you choose as external Lenten practices, but be certain they lead you to conversion in speech and action from a renewing heart.

Sunday Soundbite for February 20, 2022

Feb 16, 2022 Sunday Soundbites
Our world is as violent as David’s world. Had King David heard Jesus’ message, how would he have responded? More importantly, how will we?

Sunday Soundbite for February 13, 2022

Feb 9, 2022 Sunday Soundbites
Luke’s Gospel overall is known for a focus on the poor. The fact of enduring poverty or other troubles seems to offer a perspective on God which helps us realize that we need to depend on God for everything.

Sunday Soundbite for February 6, 2022

Feb 2, 2022 Sunday Soundbites
The fact of our baptism means that we have a vocation--a call--that’s just as certain as our Biblical heroes today.

Sunday Soundbite for January 30, 2022

Jan 26, 2022 Sunday Soundbites
Few of us are called to be prophets but we can identify some contemporary figures who fit that role. How do we accept the prophetic message we hear proclaimed each Sunday? And would we invite the bearer of that message home for Sunday dinner?

Sunday Soundbite for January 23, 2022

Jan 19, 2022 Sunday Soundbites
The presence of God in the Word is one of three ways God is present at each Eucharist. We are most familiar with the divine presence in the consecrated bread and wine. God is also present in the gathered assembly.

Sunday Soundbite for January 16, 2022

Jan 12, 2022 Sunday Soundbites
It’s appropriate that the beginning of Jesus’ signs--as John describes this event at Cana--happens in the very human setting of a wedding--a celebration of human life, joy, and the goodness of God’s creation. To find God present we need only to look for the signs of divinity which are present all around us.

Sunday Soundbite for January 9, 2022

Jan 5, 2022 Sunday Soundbites
The signs accompanying the events of Jesus’ baptism ought to tip us off that something important is happening here. The heavens opening, the voice of the Father commending his “beloved Son” to us, and the presence of the Holy Spirit, all point to a moment of revelation.

Sunday Soundbite for January 1, 2022

Jan 1, 2022 Sunday Soundbites
For Luke, Mary symbolizes the model disciple: Throughout her life she listened attentively to God’s Word. She cherished it and reflected on its meaning.