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Faith and Family for May 29: Ascension Sunday

May 25, 2022 Faith and Family
This Sunday we mark the seventh week since the Easter resurrection of Christ. In the Gospel, Jesus prays for those on earth who continue to believe in him.

Let’s Meet in the Middle

May 20, 2022 Faith and Family
As a parent, I’m well aware of the art of compromise. In fact, I think it’s something that most parents are well versed in. 

Faith and Family for May 22: Sixth Sunday of Easter

May 18, 2022 Faith and Family
Jesus tells the disciples that he will be leaving them soon, but says that he will send the Holy Spirit to be with them.

Faith and Family for May 15: Fifth Sunday of Easter

May 11, 2022 Faith and Family
In this week's Gospel, Jesus gives the disciples the commandment to love one another. In doing so, he says, people will know that they are his disciples.

A Mother's Unclaimed Blessings

May 5, 2022 Faith and Family
Stuck to the corkboard next to my desk at home is a stack of coupons. They’re not regular store coupons that I have tacked up there so I don’t forget to use them before they expire.

Faith and Family for May 8: Fourth Sunday of Easter

May 4, 2022 Faith and Family
On this fourth Sunday of Easter, even though the weekly readings do not reflect it, we celebrate the mother's in our lives, especially Mother Mary.

The Purest Love

Apr 30, 2022 Faith and Family
The best way I can describe grandparenting is to say that it is the purest version of God’s love that I can experience this side of heaven.

Faith and Family for May 1: Third Sunday of Easter

Apr 27, 2022 Faith and Family
In this week's Gospel, Jesus appears to the disciples for the third time since his Resurrection. He shares a meal with them when they are suddenly blessed with an abundance of fish after having previously caught none.

The Reality of Climate Anxiety

Apr 22, 2022 Faith and Family
There is a wide range of definitions for climate anxiety. The one thing that all of the reports and articles agree upon, though, is that it’s real, and it’s not going away anytime soon. 

Faith and Family for April 24: Second Sunday of Easter

Apr 20, 2022 Faith and Family
In this week's Gospel, we hear about Jesus' appearance to the disciples shortly after his resurrection. At first, though, the apostle Thomas doesn't believe it is Jesus until he is able to see and touch Christ's wounds.