Stations of the Cross

Dear Reader: ‘Lily of the Mohawks’

As an Algonquin–Mohawk born in New York State, Kateri, known as the “Lily of the Mohawks,” would have lived in accordance with the rhythms of the seasons.
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The Franciscan Connection to the Stations of the Cross 

Praying the Way of the Cross is a familiar Lenten practice for many, but a closer look at this popular tradition reveals surprising connections to Franciscan spirituality. 
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Closeup of statue of Mary

We Are Found

Reflect During Lent, as we are called to look more closely at the Stations of the Cross, we witness Jesus falling for the first time, and his mother being there.  May this prayer remind you that Mary sees how heavy ...
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Wooden cross with rope

Lift Him Up

Reflect Today, reflect on the Fifth Station of the Cross: how Jesus became human, how he needed our help. Pray God, help me be like the toddler I sawin Mass today, pointing up to the figures of Jesus on his knees ...
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Shadow of Jesus carrying The Cross

Let Us Pray: Live in Me, Love in Me, Act in Me

Etched on the back of my mother's headstone are three simple prayers: "Lord, live in me, love in me, and act in me. " Adapted from Clarence Enzler's Everyone's Way of the Cross, these prayers not only perfectly describe my ...
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Stations of the cross

15th Station of the Cross?

I recently attended a Way of the Cross that ended with a 15th station: Jesus rises from the tomb. Is this allowed? Also, Communion was distributed at the end of this service. Is that permitted? The practice of having a ...
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