St. Anthony of Padua

Statue of St. Anthony with baby Jesus

Saint Anthony, Teacher

In canonizing Anthony in 1232, Pope Gregory IX spoke of him as the “Ark of the Testament” and the “Repository of Holy Scripture.”
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A man holding a guitar while looking into the sunset.

Saint Anthony Sees God

One day, when Anthony came down from the tree to join the other friars for lunch, he became seriously ill.
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Homeless somber person

God Provides the Balance

People walked days to hear me preach and in such numbers that I often spoke outdoors.
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hand holding jars with lights

Love Pours Forth

When I once preached on the wedding feast at Cana, I suggested that the six stone jars had a moral interpretation: six ways to purify the soul.
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two metal gear grinding together.

The Place You Call Holy

Forget your cell, your cave, your place of prayer and be where you are—and in no other place.
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folded hands in prayer, holding a rosary

Heirs to the Tradition

It is our job to keep the work of the Catholic saints going as heirs to the tradition.
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